RAID Logo and tagline

In the world of diving, there is one agency that stands apart from the crowd. Although the industry has some heavy hitters RAID is up to the challenge of taking it by storm and innovating the way we learn to dive like none other. As a group of divers trained in a multitude of agencies Hydronauts have chosen to affiliate with RAID due to its fast-growing diver centered mentality. We are passionate about diving and giving our Hydronauts in training the opportunity to learn the craft in a way that we feel makes them safer and more confident in their knowledge and skills. Here are a few reasons why we love to be part of the RAID family.

RAID expects the highest standards from its professionals to better serve their divers. Creating the best divers starts at the source: the people teaching the content. It’s for this reason that RAID’s basic requirements and prerequisites to become a professional are over and above other agencies. A great example of this is that RAID requires anyone undergoing the journey towards mentoring other divers be certified in both NITROX and DEEP40. The more experience and know-how the professional has, the better they are at conveying the information in a safe, relatable way.

RAID believe the best divers are formed in the water, not necessarily in a classroom. All learning materials are available to access through your RAID profile as a free preview. No pressure, no obligation. Any diving activity or style you are interested in is available to you in the most vast and comprehensive library of materials in the business. Nobody likes to sit in the classroom or read extensive materials while you’re on holiday, and with RAID you can get all of the academic leg work done at your own pace, in the comfort of your home or even on your flight to paradise.

RAID is a fully paperless, eco centered agency. All necessary paperwork is filled in and submitted digitally as part of your RAID profile. No need to drag around doctor’s notes or insurance information and even less need to print and carry cumbersome learning materials. We love that RAID is proud of their low carbon footprint but also backs this initiative with simple accessibility to everything you may need online.

RAID never cuts corners. As mentioned above, the best approach to becoming a better diver is to get in the water and practice, practice, practice. RAID supports this philosophy by requiring divers in training to spend a minimum cumulative time in the water for every course. Not only will this help you build the muscle memory to dive seamlessly and comfortably but it will also give you more time to generally enjoy the feeling of weightlessness that we live for.

RAID follows up to make sure that every dive center and professional operating under their elite system maintains respect and execution of standards in accordance with their own general diving standards and the RSTC. Quality assurance is a key point for this agency to help cultivate the same passion in divers that the founding fathers have.

Last but not least RAID puts the utmost of importance on arguably the most challenging skill to master as a new scuba baby: buoyancy. Studies from the Diver’s Alert Network show that “dive accidents often reflect poor buoyancy control and therefore a major risk factor in all forms of diving”. Not only does good buoyancy control make you a safer diver, but it also increases the enjoyment and comfort as you dive and makes your air consumption better. No matter if you are a new diver doing your Open Water 20 or a more experienced diver learning new specialties, the emphasis is always on striving for the trim and buoyancy of the most able bodied merperson.

To sum it up, here is a tidbit straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth…


To be the global benchmark for diver and instructor training through the use of cutting edge technology and superior in-water training techniques monitored by a fully integrated and proactive quality control system.


To deliver the highest quality and most comprehensive diver services, products and training programs in the industry whilst maintaining zero environmental impact.


Dive Training in a Class of its Own.