Advanced 35

with Hydronauts


The Advanced 35 course is a unique RAID course. The course breaks the tradition of a standard Advanced course and adds a second deep dive certifying you to dive to 35 meters!

Truly fitting the term “Advanced Scuba Diver”, students benefit from extra confined water or pool training in buoyancy, navigation, and rescue scenarios prior to open water training with 6 open water dives, including one elective.

Advanced 35 has 6 open water dives.

1. Buoyancy Dive – Increase your mastery of hovering, fin & propulsion techniques, and spatial awareness.
2. Navigation Dive – Learn how to navigate around dive sites using a compass and natural queues to pinpoint places of interest and be able to get back to the boat.
3. Deep Dive (30m) – Learn about the extra considerations involved with deep diving and observe the effects of color change and pressure at depth.
4. Deep Dive (35m) – Extend your depth certification further and see if you experience the effects of narcosis and measure its impact on your mental faculties
5. Rescue Dive – Practice the self-rescue and buddy-rescue scenarios you learned in the pool out in the open ocean
6. Choose your 6th Elective Dive: 

Night Dive – Learn to communication underwater via a torch and understand Night dive safety precautions. Observe completely different marine life and activity from your day dives.
Shipwreck Dive – Discover the HTMS Sattakut Shipwreck, veteran of the Battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa!
Search & Recovery – Further your navigation work and introduce rigging and raising heavy objects.
Underwater Naturalist – Discover and understand as much about marine life and tropical reef ecology as one day will allow.

15,000 THB


Must be a minimum of 15 years old.

Must be a certified Open Water diver.

Have a minimum of 4 hours logged underwater in an Open Water environment.

Step 1 -
Online Study

Begin your e-learning before you arrive

Your training starts online where you will access all your RAID training manuals and quizzes. Contact us to get started with your e-learning before you arrive!

Step 2 - Theory & Workshops

On arrival, you’ll meet you’re instructor who will review your pre-completed e-learning with you.

Step 3 - Pool Training

This is an additional dive to enhance your ability before the open water.

In the first part of your confined water dive, you will concentrate on buoyancy control with a particular emphasis on weight distribution which will help you to achieve perfect trim. During the second part of the session, you will elaborate on the compass work learned in your Open Water course and then practice various search patterns before practicing torch communication. The dive finishes with a review of out of gas drills and SMB deployment.

Step 4 - Open Water Dives

Now it’s time to learn what you have learned in theory and put it into practice.

Your six open water dives will take the knowledge and skills you acquired in the classroom and pool to the ocean over three days. 

Why Choose Hydronauts?​

RAID Instructors​

Our experienced instructors are hand-picked, highly trained, and passionate about scuba diving. We tailor each course and dive to your unique needs.

Beachfront Diving Resort​

Southwestern-facing diving resort including a hotel, purpose-built training pool, restaurant, dive boat, and beach bar. We offer diving & accommodation packages for every budget.

Guaranteed Small Groups

We guarantee small groups of no more than four students to an instructor or dive guide so that you get the individual attention you deserve.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We choose to dive and teach in Backplate & Wing BCD with a Long-hose, Short-hose regulator configuration favored by technical divers.

Dive Anywhere in the World

Upon completion of your RAID scuba diving course, you will be issued with an e-certification card that recognizes you as an internationally certified scuba diver.

Low Carbon Footprint

We make every effort to reduce our footprint and use of paper and plastic. All our course materials are hosted online giving you access for life.

Reserve your space now


You must wait 18 hours after your last dive before flying in an aircraft.

Need a place to stay? We’re a beachfront diving resort! We offer rooms from single-gender to mixed dorms, queen rooms, family rooms, and bungalows for weekly or monthly rent! You can book a room here

Please stay hydrated – drink lots of water before and after your dives.

Bring sunscreen (preferably reef safe!)


Have another questions? Reach out to us!

Yes! We are a 3-star beachfront resort! We have dorm rooms starting at 300 THB and private accommodation starting at 600 THB. Message us and ask about our diving and accommodation packages! 

Yes! You can begin your reading and quizzes before you get here but you’ll need to complete the workshops and exams with your instructor when you arrive. Contact us now to get started! 

Explorer 30 or Advanced 35 are the next courses we recommend after your Open Water 20 Course. These courses will get you to improve your buoyancy, advance your understanding of dive planning, and get you diving on shipwrecks, deep sites, and maybe even diving at night! Get in touch with us to learn more! 

Yes. All the answers are in the manuals for you to review anytime. Our approach to education is for students to comprehend and practice through repetition rather than focusing on textbook memorization. This ensures that your actions–underwater especially–are informed and contextual rather than rote and textbook. 

Yes! Check our Try Dive page or get in touch with us to learn more! We can’t wait to show you the underwater world and teach you to defy gravity!